A Story on Velvet

A performance of Domenico Scarlatti’s Sonata K177 by Angela Hewitt

A brief statement on a Story on Velvet
The title refers to a brilliant orange cut velvet panel I saw in the textiles section at the Art Institute of Chicago earlier this year.
The painting, though created from left to right, is a vertically oriented landscape from a grassy field to a dark river bed beneath a cliff. The cliff, which rises above the scene, is illuminated by a radiant setting sun as it opens itself to the blue sky above. The river, gradually carving its dwarfed and shaded bed, is the focal point of the painting.
The sonata has the form of a series of gestures, perhaps as in a dance. On an exquisite day, a man climbing into a boat reaches behind him for the hand of a woman with the expectation she will take it and claim the destiny he is offering.