Algerian Sands 1

A Brief Statement on Algerian Sands 1
The music that this work is based on, Domenico Scarlatti’s Sonata K40, is very simple, but it has been studied significantly and recorded frequently. I prefer an interesting video version of Sonata K40 created by Cubus Elteknik. Algerian Sands 1 is one among three works so far that incorporate the colors of satellite images of Algeria with music. NASA EROS Center showcases satellite images of Earth in its Earth as Art collections and I have become particularly interested in their Algerian images. Algeria has inland sand dunes which create ripples that are often portrayed in the images flowing horizontally from dune to dune and on out to the harder rock near the coast. This effect looked musical to me, like music would push forward through time from beginning to end. You can see the EROS image I used for this painting on the NASA EROS website.