Artist’s Statement

My long, colorful pastel paintings portray musical compositions. Due to a natural blending of my sense of sight and sound, called synesthesia, I have the ability to experience music in color. I use my personal perception of consistent and automatic natural associations of musical harmonies and color to create my paintings.

Although I experienced synesthesia early in my life, I now have formal training in music theory and performance, and my paintings reflect my unique experience of color and harmony by tracking the progress of a composition as it is performed.

Though I appreciate the formal properties of music and displays of color as the more direct way to express thoughts and emotions, or create visual experiences, I have found that considering the way colors are displayed in specific regions, climates, or even other works of art, helps me create a painting that has not only a meaningful pattern, but also has a broader sense of time or place.  My recent work represents my continuing effort to go beyond presenting the complex life of music in linear patterns toward exploring the ways those patterns point to the source of music in our experiences.