Bond Life Sciences Center Project

A News post written by on July 31, 2019

I am creating an 96″x31″ painting for the Bond Life Sciences Center on the University of Missouri campus. It will hang above the living green wall in the atrium. Painting on a board this large is intimidating and has involved what you might call “materials science” with terrages pastels, fixative, acrylic ground, gloss and matte isolation coats, tape and plywood. Although I planned to do it mathematically from my smaller pattern, it has actually involved intuitively painting inch by inch over the surface area of the board. The pattern is taken from a smaller work “Round the Shore a Million Stood” which I created last year. It was a hard decision to make given all of the variables in the atrium and the Center as a whole. Basically, it is a monumental, risky enterprise and I’m all in.

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