Thank you for the time you have spent here viewing my work.  You may call, write, or visit me at my studio “Mount Erebus Workshop” near Columbia, Missouri.

Kerry Mulvania Hirth
5518 Brandywine Creek Road
Columbia, Missouri 65201

If you are interested in a painting you see on my website, please contact me.  I store paintings at my workshop between shows and it may be available for purchase directly from me or through a gallery or firm, depending on where you found out about my work.  I can pack and ship paintings from Columbia, Missouri, or you can make other arrangements. 

I do private, public, and corporate commissioned works on specific songs or instrumental music.  Though many of the works you see on my website are within the scope of sonatas and short works for keyboard, my commissioned work includes Pearl Jam, Green Day, 12 bar blues, Ben E. King, Ben Harper, Van Morrison, and Three Dog Night.  Please contact me if you would like to discuss commissioned work.