Fire in the Bush

Listen to Movement 1 Selig sind, die da Leid tragen of Brahms’ A German Requiem

Fire in the Bush depicts the first 15 bars of Movement 1, which features only the orchestra. The color scheme of the harmonic structure has been enhanced to reflect a satellite image of the bush fires in Australia in 2020.

The text on the drawing contains references to the poem Non Piangere, Liù by the Australian Poet Peter Porter.

A card comes to tell you
you should report
to have your eyes tested.

But your eyes melted in the fire
and the only tears, which soon dried,
fell in the chapel.

Other things still come—
invoices, subscription renewals,
shiny plastic cards promising credit—

not much for a life spent
in the service of reality.

You need answer none of them.
Nor my asking you for one drop
of succour in my own hell.

Do not cry, I tell myself,
the whole thing is a comedy
and comedies end happily.

The fire will come out of the sun
and I shall look in the heart of it.