Green World with b minor Cascade

A performance of Domenico Scarlatti’s Sonata K293 by Orion Weiss

The title Green World with b minor Cascade is a reference to the harmony of Sonata K293 and the cascade of scales which are a distinct feature of its structure. The text and markings you see on this painting track the 3 voices present in the Sonata, each one carrying at least a small section of the melody at one time or another. The most significant overlap is just right of the center of the painting, where you will find paler, more green hues. You can think of this painting as a landscape – the center of the painting is a low cool creek bed in a forest which is surrounded by hills on each side. Much like you would find in the closest tree-covered hills in the Ozarks. On each of the far edges of the painting blue tree trunks are illuminated from behind by cool orange light. You are standing in the creek bed looking upward. Your world view is green and you are drenched in a cascade of lavender and vermilion.