Indigo Shore with Lightning Strike

A performance of Domenico Scarlatti’s Sonata K20 by Wladyslaw Klosiewicz on harpsichord

Indigo Shore is one of two depictions of Sonata K20 in the Show Yourself More Human series. It is related to an image I found of a lightning strike over the shore of a body of water.

In my attempt to track the harmony of the Sonata in blues, I mixed blues with the other colors present – reddish blues, greenish blues, purple, indigo blues. One way to do this was by using sponges to layer the colors. The colored notation at the top of the painting was a way of keeping track of some especially complicated things I had to do – one of the spots labeled vermilion is actually vermilion, but there is so much blue layered over it, you may not be able to tell. I sometimes feel if I do not track the harmony in a painting precisely, it is equivalent to being dishonest – even though I have every right to control my own painting and make it whatever I want.
A few of the marks on the painting include text from the epic poem by W.B. Yeats, The Wanderings of Oisin. Oisin, a human king, and Niamh, a royal fairy from the undying lands, travel on Niamh’s magical horse over miles of seafoam to the island of “Battle and Victory”. Oisin and Niamh arrive on the shores of the island and climb what seems like an eternal staircase, at the top of which Oisin faces a hundred year battle, fighting and defeating a demon who rises from the dead every four days.