A performance of Scarlatti Sonata K253 by Orion Weiss

A brief statement on Pegasus
Pegasus represents the entire A section of Sonata K253, the second time through. The first time the A section is played it is considerably different from the repeat. It is like comparing lightness to darkness, with alterations in emphasis and ornamentation driving that difference. The drawing Pegasus is “darkness” and it has a companion “lightness” – the painting Softness and Lightness, also in this show. Pegasus takes on the colors of a nebula in space with an empty core, or center, containing one star. The title Pegasus comes from measures in the music that sound to me like the rush of air surrounding wings. The wings settle first before the center and then expand after the center. They are no ordinary bird’s wings – they resemble the movement of the swirling core of the nebula.

Darkness in this painting does not represent a minor key or a “dark” mood or even a dark color. There are dark joys and light joys, dark blessings and light blessings.