How I Paint Music

The making of Sonata K365 - Human Readable Time 12X41 Pastel on bonded paper 2017
Making notes on the score for the sonata
I have color associations with specific musical harmonies
This insightful graph "Three Centuries of Color Scales" was created by Fred Collopy. I've added my own colors. Explore the meaning of the graph on Collopy's website at
Sketch tracking the harmonies in K365, measure by measure, from left to right - second row enhanced for setting
Colors of a spacescape overlay the musical pattern - Image credit NASA System Architecture Registration Entry 329981.
A detail image of Human-Readable Time
Learning about color by painting spacescapes - Orion Nebula 22X34 Pastel on bonded paper 2016
Purely music and no other colors - a jazz composition by Tim Daisy called Assembly
Vertically oriented painting of a landscape from land to sky as stacked horizon lines - Fantasy Lavendar Field 12X36 2016
No notation - Queen's Somebody to Love 12X48 Pastel on canvas 2016
Using sponges and pan pastels - Under the Wing of the Small Magellanic Cloud 12X41 Pastel on paper 2015
Texture of sponge painted pastel on paper - Detail of Under the Wing of the Small Magellanic Cloud
Pan pastels
Stick pastels are more saturated, acrylic ground applied as a support. The Empty Place 12X41 Pastel on bonded paper 2016
Saturation with rough stick pastels - Detail of The Empty Place
Heavily pigmented stick pastels
The pattern reflects the call and response structure of music and includes text from a Yeat's poem with a similar structure
Detail of Fergus and the Druid - 12X41 Pastel on bonded paper 2017
A spacescape- Ballade - Stardust 12X41 Pastel on bonded paper 2016 for the Mugellini Festival, Macerata Italy
Scarlatti Sonata K365 - Night - 12X48 Pastel on Canvas (vertically oriented) for Lux Art Consulting 2016
Artwork laid out in my studio, Mount Erebus Workshop.
Me working - Photo credit Yuting Jiang