Softness and Lightness

A performance of Domenico Scarlatti’s Sonata K253 by Orion Weiss

Softness and Lightness represents the A section of Sonata K253, the first time through. Originally the pattern for this Sonata was worked out in a large rectangular painting called Rudel to the Lady of Tripoli, referring to the ancient song of Jaufre Rudel.

What you see in this painting now is an enhanced version of the first line in the rectangular work. Softness and Lightness refers to a kind of warm light that arises from the delicate triplets, swollen, arching phrases, and fluttering ornaments. The rectangular work included text from Rudel to the Lady of Tripoli:

When, in the woods, the nightingale
gives love, and requires it, and takes it
and modulates its song in joy…
a great joy dwells in my heart

The painting Pegasus represents this same pattern, in Darkness.