Tapestries in Morocco

A News post written by on March 19, 2020

I am so excited to be working on an amazing project that will result in the creation of taspetries based on some of my paintings of music. These carpets will be woven by a group of women in Morocco who are developing their own business to improve life in their local communities. I am working with international community organizer Abderrahmane Amajou to create and share these stunning woven artworks.

I just received the very first sample. It is quite large, measuring 3 meters. I’ve attached some images of how I went from a painting of music to a tapestry pattern, the results of the process, as well as some images of the community where the women dye the wool and weave the carpets. It will take careful work on many different levels to ultimately produce several of these artworks.

If you are interested in commissioning or acquiring a unique music-based tapestry, please let me know, I will now begin actively selecting and developing the patterns I will focus on.

See the whole story in my portfolio Tapestries based on music

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