I was born in the Midwest and I currently live and work near Columbia, Missouri. For the past eight years, my work has explored the translation of music to visual art. My work has been presented in gallery exhibitions nationally and internationally – in Paris, Toronto, Chicago, Flagstaff, Minneapolis, at Manifest Gallery in Cincinnati, and locally in Kansas City and St. Louis. I have participated in institutional exhibitions, and my work is in the permanent collection of the Civic Art Gallery of Macerata, Italy. I have collaborated with musicians, including the Missouri Symphony Society, and the Experimental Sound Studio in Chicago for a curated program on the relationship between improvisational jazz and the visual arts. I am a recipient of an artist fellowship from the Kimmel Harding Nelson Center in Nebraska (2012). I was a member artist of ARC Gallery and Educational Foundation-Chicago for six years (2010-2016).

My approach to music and visual art has been shaped by my unique academic background – I received a BA in Philosophy with minor in music performance in 1994 from the University of Missouri-Columbia. During that time, I did archaeological illustrations of Mayan artifacts on site in Belize for the University of Texas-Austin and performed at the Aspen Music Festival for two seasons. I received an MA in Philosophy from the University of Colorado-Boulder in 1998. My experiences with professional music performance and the study of analytic philosophy contribute significantly to my approach to time and place in my work.

In addition to exhibitions, I actively participate in my local community of artists and do private, public, and corporate commissioned artwork.
My studio, Mount Erebus Workshop, is adjacent to my home where I live with my husband Andy Hirth and animal companion, Reyna.

Please see My Resume for a list of exhibitions and other professional activities.